Beverly Cornutt photo
Left to Right : Tony Whittaker, Electrical Superintendent, KGHM Robinson and WPTVD Chairman; James HIll, Controller, KGHM Robinson; Nate Trujillo, Mine Ops Superintendent, KGHM Robinson; Art Olson, WPTVD Board Member; Desiree Robinson, Director, WPC social services; Beverly Cornutt, secretary/treasurer, WPTVD

Special to the Times

Many local residents don’t have cable for a big name provider. KGHM Robinson Mine has made it possible through a grant for some residents to have the possibility to have an antenna that would provide more channels.  

The White Pine Television District #1 (WPTVD), with assistance from White Pine County Social Services, will begin a program to provide over the air antennas, including installation, to qualifying residents of White Pine County.  

To be considered, you must live within the WPTVD service area, have an income of 150% or less of the federal poverty guidelines for your household, and have over the air television as your primary source of television programming, i.e., not currently subscribed to cable or satellite television service.  

Applications will be available from White Pine County Social Services who will select candidates based upon the criteria above.  Applicants who are approved will be provided an outdoor antenna for over the air television reception, all hardware and cabling, and professional installation.  Up to 10 recipients will be selected and applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.  Bath Lumber also assisted with this project, by providing the antennas that will be installed at a reduced cost. 

For additional information, you can contact WPTVD at 775-289-2359 , or Desiree Robison at WPC Social Services at 775-293-6528.