Submitted by Minnis Alderman

Being on the National Historic Register also provided the opportunities of grants awarded by Nevada State Historic Preservation Office (branch of National Register). Every year as long as the Nevada Office was accepting grant applications, the Choir Director went to the annual presentations with grant applications for needed repair projects. (Each of these trips cost at least $500 personally.)

Several grants were awarded: 1) repair of windows and screens throughout the Center except the six in the main room; 2) installation of electric heat throughout the center; 3) updating of electrical wiring throughout the center; 4) total roof repair – this was approved, but the state office called the contractor and stopped the project on the day he was to begin. No reason was given for the cancellation (political?) And then the grants were not available again for several years.

Grants through the Register require that historic integrity of the center be maintained. The choir’s intention is to maintain that integrity.

The choir will maintain its promise and intention to keep the Gallagher Photography Collection and also maintain the historic integrity of the center.

Additional opportunities arose with being on the National Historic Register.