The Ely Times

Twenty eight men and women from all around the United States took on an amazing challenge and adventure this summer by making a trek from Yuba City, California, to Boston, Massachusetts on foot.  

Why? The Ulman Foundation. A foundation that has been assisting young adults and their families with a versatile system of support.  

The Ulman Foundation began in 1997 when Doug Ulman was preparing for his sophomore year at Brown University.  He was a healthy, active college student and Division 1 soccer player.  One event would change his life forever. Ulman was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma, a malignant tumor located on a rib in his back.

The team of 28 left Yuba City on June 16, headed to Boston.  Their estimated date of arrival? Aug. 3.  

One of their stops happened to be here in Ely, on June 22. They spent an evening at the St. Bartholomew’s Church, where they shared stories, presentations and made new friends while enjoying a meal that the Bath family sponsored. 

Runners cover 10-16 miles per day. The participants ensure these miles count by dedicating them to others impacted by cancer and writing the dedications on the back of their legs, to draw strength from daily. 

Caroline McIntosh, who helped with the amenities the group received while they were here, expressed how happy she was to be able to help.  

“It was an amazing evening listening to the stories of cancer deaths, and survivals,” she said.

According to research, 72,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year

Several of the runners with the foundation shared their experience while they were here.    “Everyone was so welcoming as soon as we stepped out of the van,” Amber Curtis said. 

Lizzy Payne said, “We appreciated hearing everyone’s story and we loved having the opportunity to share why we decided to embark upon this wonderful journey. Spending time and hearing out everyone’s stories gave us even more motivation than before to run towards this amazing cause”  

Sheridan Reginato  said, “The St. Bartholomew’s church has been loyal and loving to the Ulman foundation for years, as a team I hope we brought the same positive influence as they have done to us.”

If you would like to help, or donate towards the cause, or follow their progress during their travels, go to  for additional information. 

City of Ely Mayor Nathan Robertson was also in attendance.  “I think these are truly great young people that are doing an amazing thing for a worthy cause,” he said. “I am very pleased that the community came out and supported them. We here in Nevada all know the impact of cancer with so many Downwinders. We look forward to having them come through again and hope other organizations like this can continue to identify Ely as a helpful place in the future.”