In my last letter to you there were some errors in the transcription. The County Commission contributed $15,000 not $6,500 for the White Pine Main St. program. In regards to the County Commission ignoring my request for a refund of what I and others paid for a county business license – the Commission part way through the year rescinded the license requirement and did not collect from EVERYONE. The typo stated the County did not collect from “anyone”. Approximately $9670.00 as collected from honest hard working businesses only to get stiffed by some so called “Christian”  politicians. We ALL PAY or NO ONE PAYS! I’m still waiting for the Commissions answer as to if they have to sign a non-discrimination clause when receiving federal loans or grants.

There has not been a release of any information in regards to using the former National Guard Armory for the new location of the Courthouse. City and County officials lament how they are saving taxpayer’s dollars – when in fact they are doing the opposite. why would they say they are moving the facility in order to promote public safety – when in fact they are putting it in the busiest traffic and highway congested area in the city.

There are two schools, two gas stations, three restaurants, and the largest grocery store in the community in that vicinity.

The City Council voted at their meeting held on May 23, 2019 to consider settlement with S&S Railroad. It appears there will be no collection of back rent for track usage. The agreement being considered is in my opinion one sided. Who in their right mind would rent or lease their property for 10 or 15 years not collect a dime, then agree to accept a pittance to settle a lawsuit and then give that entity or individual a 99 year lease.

Commissioner Bybee has yet to respond to my numerous requests in regards to the success of ANY attempts for collection of track rental fees from S&S Railroad while he sat as Chairman of the Railroad Board for approximately 15 years. He needs to account for the MONEY or RESIGN.

The City Council – old and or new need to go after the attorney that represented the City in this fiasco and file an errors and omission action to recoup some of the monies lost by the City. To date the Mayor as well as the City Council has yet to answer my question – what is the total debt owed by the Historical Railroad – $700,000 or more? Keep in mind taxpayers dollars and the Nevada Open meeting law.

At the City Council meeting held on May 23, 2019 the County asked for a zone change from M-2 heavy manufacturing to R-1-50 residential for county owned property. There is plenty of land that is properly zoned for housing development. The County and the City has no business competing against the private sector. The Commission and City Council create the rules, the taxes, the fees, and the planning boards which stifle people like me, my family, and the Hispanic lady that owned the Apeche Trailer Park. That poor woman cannot use her property as was used for decades – it should have been grandfathered. The innocent soul had to go to court and spend $19,000 in attorneys fees just to be allowed to use her facility as is until some of the renters moved. Se will never recover her legal fees. Those we elect into government office are there to SERVE the citizens and taxpayers – not PUNISH them.

Lastly I want to thank Lillie Montoya for her letter to the editor dated May 24, 2019. Only when people get involved and reveal fallacies reported will this community move forward – we have enough lame ducks.

George Chachas