Submitted photo
Lois Weaver with Bishop Minera G. Carcaño.

Submitted photo
Pictured: Cora Calhoun; Rev. Kate O’Leary; Rev. Suzanne Calhoun; Beverly Cornutt; Lois Weaver; Rev. Jim Garrison (former pastor of Ely United Methodist Church), Kathy Garrison, and William Calhoun.

Lois Weaver, member of Ely United Methodist Church, received the Bishop’s Award at the recent California/Nevada United Methodist Conference (CAVUMC) held in Modesto, CA June 19-22.  

Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño presents these awards to recognize laity who exemplify the best of personal and social holiness by attending to their spiritual growth; providing leadership in their local church; and taking their discipleship out into the world to make disciples of Jesus Christ to transform the world.

The members of the Ely United Methodist Church were honored to submit her name to Bishop Carcaño for this wonderful award.

Lois Weaver has been a member of the Ely United Methodist Church since 1970.  Before that, she was a member of the Ruth Methodist Church since 1963 when she and her late husband, Cecil, came to Ely.  During the years since 1970, Lois has served as Director of Education, Lay Member to Annual Conference, and has served most offices of the Ely United Methodist Women. She is currently the President of Ely United Methodist Women.  Lois has also served as a District United Methodist Women officer.  She is also a Certified Lay Speaker with Ely United Methodist Church.  Lois is the camp cook for United Methodist Camp near Austin, Nevada which takes place each summer.

Lois is a member of Hospice Helping Hands (20+ years) and provides help with the Grief Support Group when necessary.  She helps with the Children’s Theater, Youth Group, Vacation Bible School, and attends bible studies consistently.  She serves as a member of the CACH (Committee Against Childhood Hunger); R.S.V.P. (Retired Senior Volunteer Program); and the Community Food Bank.  She has been instrumental in making many of the banners hanging in our church.  She was a member of the adult team of the recent Bible Bowl organized by our youth group.  By the way, the kids and the adults tied in the Bible Bowl.

Lois is always willing to help with whatever project is presented to her, and always with a smile!  She is a very strong woman in our community – showing compassion and kindness to all.  Lois is exceedingly humble, never thinking she has done enough.  She is a devout Christian, reading her bible every morning and sharing God’s word with anyone who needs it.

Lois is well known in the community – in fact, when our current pastor Suzanne Calhoun came to town and introduced herself to someone, that person said “Oh, you are Lois Weaver’s new pastor!”  Lois IS the Ely United Methodist Church and all it wants to portray to the world.  She is an example for all of us!