By Marietta Henry

This week, I’m featuring R. Mike Scudder, or “Mike” as he is knows as.   Mike is the consummate professional and ultimate gentleman.  He is a perfect role model of what a horse owner and trainer should immolate.  

Scudder is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, and when he was 5 years old his family migrated to Utah, and eventually to Idaho, where he now resides.

Mike started out working the rodeos as a Steer Wrestler, and in 1975 he actually won the Northwestern Steer Wresting Championship.

His horse career began as working as a “Header” for Ron Ferguson, who was, and still is a top Trainer from Denver.  In 1979, Mike went out on his own, and began working as a horse trainer in Colorado.  At that time, he used to race at small tracks in Roosevelt, Beaver and Parowan, Utah.

Last year, Mike won the Ely/Elko Race in Elko, and he had another horse in the race which took second place.   Through the years, Mike has been a very successful owner and trainer.  Mike trains mostly thoroughbreds, and some quarter horses.

On a personal level, Mike has been married to his wife Sharon since, April 19, 1975.  They were actually attending a rodeo in Henderson, Nevada, and went to the Las Vegas Courthouse and got married.  Together they have 6 children and one set of twins.  Mike mentioned that he speaks to each and every one of his kids everyday.  Mike is truly a remarkable person.

Mike and Sharon even celebrate their birthdays, one in Ely and one in Elko.  Sharon’s birthday is August 16, and Mike’s is August 31st.

Every year we typically feature Mike in an article in the Ely Times with pictures of his horses, as he’s been very loyal to White Pine Horse Racing, and we greatly appreciate his support.

Happy Trails to you, and hope to see you at the races this year!