The Ely Times

The Ely Times has a new face in the front office area. If you need a classified, legal notice, obituary or ad placed, Shadrach Michaels can help.

Michaels is thrilled to be part of the team,  “Of course I am beyond excited and truly honored to have been given the opportunity to join the team here at The Ely Times,” he said. “I hope I can live up to the expectation and high bar already set by the remarkable talent assembled here.

“Linda Cotrell left some pretty big shoes to fill and I am getting my bearings in the office, but I’m sure we will keep moving the paper and the community forward with objective and thoughtful writing, fair, unbiased reporting, and stories that reflect the warmth and tightly-knit community that I have come to know and love.”

Michaels comes from a literary background, having been an English major at University of California, Berkeley. He has worked as a copy editor, photographer and an English teacher.

“I now get to combine those experiences with that of being a volunteer firefighter with the EVFD and becoming Ely’s first First-Gentleman, which will hopefully provide a fresh and unique perspective on events, historical occurrences and everyday local matters that matter to local people.

“I’m glad I get to help out, and I am driven by a promise to do my best with what I have been presented, to represent and reflect what Ely and White Pine County have come to expect from their number one news source.”