Special to The Ely Times

Born and raised in Douglas, Georgia, Minnis Alderman graduated from the Georgia State College and University, known as the “Music Education Center of the South”, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music, Speech, and Drama.  

Minnis has accumulated almost too many accomplishments to count: from growing an eight person band to one hundred members strong before leading them down Pennsylvania Avenue in the Memorial Day Parade and performing at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C., to receiving a Masters of Arts Degree in Psychology and Supervision, a PHD in Psychology, and teaching English, Speech, Chorus, Drama, and Band for decades.  

Minnis has been a pillar or our community, whether counseling students or directing band in Wells, and Ely; acting as the director of State Mental Hygiene and Aging Services; receiving Fellowships from Utah; forming entrepreneurial careers with Minimmeo Memographing; acting as a Professor of Guidance, Education, and Psychology at Murray State in Kentucky; serving as Professor of Administration, Fundamentals of Music, Music Appreciation, Human Resources Management, and Psychology at Great Basin College; performing as a Director for the Ely Shoshone Tribal Child and Family Center, her impact has been deep and far reaching. 

Minnis established the Knit Knook, Gift Gamut, and has taught more Ely residents music than anyone around, over 4000 students, from the current mayor to today’s young aspiring musicians, she is still instructing and still inspiring.  She embodies the “Who’s Who of White Pine County.  In her 90 years, Minnis has been our community’s Choir Director, the Sacred Heart and Ely Methodist Church’s organist; she has been a grant writer for the Community Training Center, RSVP, Senior Citizens Center, Nutrition Program for Seniors, Meals on Wheels, Home Repairs for Senior Citizens, Senior Citizens Home Assistance, Victims of Crime, Saving America’s Treasures, the Shoshone Tribe, the Centennial Fine Arts Center, and the Community Choir. Our city, our county, and every single citizen are all the better for having her here. 

Certainly few deserve the privilege of Grand Marshall more than Minnis Alderman, a woman who has spent her life serving others.  Minnis has faithfully given her time, energy, and heart to this community, contributing her expertise and wisdom to many local, state and national offices, educational institutions, and notable organizations.  Recently bestowed the designation of “Parliamentarian Emeritus”, by Alpha Chi State Delta Kappa Gamma, Minnis now has one more credit to add to her biography: “Grand Marshall” for Ely’s July 4th Parade celebrating 150 years of progress in White Pine County.  In her own humble words, “Being Grand Marshall for this year’s parade is a most precious honor.”  The honor is all ours Minnis. When you see her out there, cheer for her.  She deserves it and so much more.