I wish to thank all I have met these past six years while I was at Sacred Heart Church in Ely.

 I enjoyed being with you and I will miss many of you.  I think of the times we saw each other at the grocery stores, the post office, high school, sports events, at the senior’s lunch, at the church in McGill, at the nursing home, at City Commissioner’s meetings, at the prison, and at the funeral masses at Sacred Heart.  

The mining and ranching communities have shown me hospitality.  I have been well received by the local radio station and have written a few sermons for the local newspaper.  Thanks to all local residents.

The new priest, Father Lurdes, arrives the first week of July from Las Vegas.  I know he will receive a wonderful welcome as he comes to serve the local people including Baker and Caliente, along with St. Michael the Archangel Mission in McGill.

My prayers, love and gratitude.  I now serve at St. Anne in Las Vegas.

Father McShane