By  Marietta Henry

This week I’d like to introduce you to Mark Hanson. 

Mark hails from Pocatello, Idaho, and has been in the horse racing business for 13 years.  Mark is 29 years old, and has had his Trainers License since he was 16.  He has raced in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Iowa, Texas and Nevada.

Mark stated that their family photos all consisted of Winning Pictures from horse racing.  He fondly remembers getting up at 5AM with his Mom, Dad and brother to haul horses to race meets.

Early on, Mark’s true aspiration was football.  Mark’s career was curtailed due to an accident with a Four-Wheeler, which ended up crushing the back of his skull.  As a result, Mark has a titanium plate in the back of his head.  When Mark recovered from his accident, he spent more and more time at the barn with his Dad and his brother.

Mark further stated everyday brings something new.  He feels he knows his horses better than his own family.  His job satisfaction comes with knowing that he raised a horse to race, and seeing the horse win, means you are doing something right.  He mentioned that it’s a “cultivation process”.  Mark says, “I live through my horses winning races”. 

He called the training process a “Labor of Love”, and his Mom, Dad and his girlfriend Ashley are all a part of this with him.

He expressed his feelings about racing in Ely, is that it is enjoyable to come to our Meet.  He stated that his owners’ love coming, and that we treat everyone very well and make them feel welcome.  Mark feels it is a total event in Ely, with the stadium being filled with supporters and visitors from out-of-town.

Mark has been coming to Ely since 2010, and was the Leading Trainer of the Meet for 2015 and 2016.

Mark has been a strong supporter of White Pine Racing, and we are truly grateful for his endorsement.

Happy Trails to you, and hope to see you at the races this year!