Last week we ran a story on Kaye Kirkeby re-opening.  The store is not a feed lot, and the store is very specific to what it provides.

Kaye Kirkeby has re-opened his business, and is located at 1234 High Street.

A store that has been a piece of history dating back to the 1900’s.  In 1908 the Gallagher family first owned the store.  It was one wood structured building, with two stories,   After several years, the Manzonie family purchased it, and by 1966, Kaye Kirkeby and his wife purchased the store where they sold seed and feed, fertilizer, offered bridle and saddle repair, all while managing their ranch at the same time. In 2019, Kay’s wife Elaine passed away and Kaye closed the business.

Now, open for business again, this store has a very nostalgic western feel.  When you step through the doors, it’s like taking a step back in time. Large sewing machines. hand tools, leather, all fill the large tables all around the room.  A local rancher’s saddle is on a stand being worked on, by Kaye.  He pay’s close attention to the meticulous detail of the repair he is working on, noting he is a perfectionist.

Kirkeby has over 40 years of experience in saddle repair.  When asked how he learned the trade, he commented that he was self-taught.

Kirkeby will be working by appointment only, due to the repair work being very specialized.  For additional information, or to schedule and appointment.