By Cozette Eldridge, Field Representative

Now that you are retired, there are probably places you would like to travel to. Perhaps you want to travel with your spouse, join a group of older adults or join family or friends on their vacations. The options are limited only by your checkbook and your imagination.                                                                                It is wise to purchase travel insurance to cover the unexpected such as trip cancellations, medical expenses, lost luggage and other incidents while traveling.                                                                                         Since medical issues are more likely to come up for the senior traveler, it makes sense to purchase the insurance. Check what your health insurance covers when you’re out of the country. Many Medicare supplemental insurance plans do not provide coverage outside of the US. Travel insurance would provide this much-needed coverage.                                                                                                                     Because travel agencies purchase tickets in bulk, they can pass the savings on to you. Group travel is generally lead by expert guides steering you towards the best things to do when at specific locals. If you’re traveling solo, it’s a great way to do so without feeling alone.                                                                                                            According to Travel+Leisure, Honey Travel generally offers hotel discounts better than those you’ll find on other booking sites. Honey is a free service that automatically searches for discounts and coupon codes.                                                           

Many organizations and retailers offer senior discounts, so be sure to inquire about them as you make reservations and as you travel. Members of AAA, AARP and veterans’ groups can receive discounts at hotels, airlines, tour providers and car rental agencies.                                                                                                                Travel during retirement is more than an enjoyable activity. It’s good for you. It keeps you active, and older adults who are more physically active have lower rates of high BP, heart disease, stroke to name a few. It stimulates and challenges your brain as you encounter new people, cultures and environments. It reduces stress and improves your mood and outlook on life. It strengthens and deepens friendships. And, it’s just plain fun! So, get out and enjoy a vacation. You’ve earned it!


JULY 8 – JULY 12                                              

MON.  Sloppy Joes/Bun, Baked Beans, Baby Carrots, Fruit Cocktail                                                                                                                       

TUES.  Cod Fish Sticks, Tarter Sauce, Peas, Coleslaw, Tropical Fruit Mix                                                                                                                            

WED.  Baked Chicken, Parsley Noodles, Garden Salad, Fresh Orange                                                                                                                               

THURS.  Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Steamed Spinach, Bread, Fruit Mix

FRI. Pork Roast, Bean Combo Vegetables, Au Gratin Potatoes, Fruit, Dessert