KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
Janette Trask, left, is sworn into the office of City of Ely Treasurer by Mayor Nathan Robinson on Monday.

The Ely Times

The Ely City Council approved to hire Janette Trask as the City Treasurer. Trask’s position officially began on July 1, when she was sworn in by Mayor Nathan Robertson.  

“I’m excited to have a treasurer back on board at the City, and I’m confident in Janette Trask’s qualifications and abilities,” Robertson said. 

This isn’t Trask’s first time being employed by the City of Ely.  Trask left the city in August of 2013 but was then rehired in March of 2017. 

During the year she was employed with the city, she attended several city council meetings where she spoke before the council several times reading a letter or memo into the meetings record, explaining that she had fixed some misappropriated funds, stressing to the city council that they needed to reduce spending and be cautious of any future spending.

By May of 2018, Trask resigned to go work for the Nevada Northern Railway.

The city made previous efforts to recruit for the treasurer position, but the applicants applying were not qualified according to an article  in The Ely Times.  The city approved to attempt to open the recruitment process for the second time, and that’s when Trask was hired.  

Trask said, “I’m looking forward to working with the new council and Mayor and Jennifer Lee.” 

Robertson said, “I believe she will do an excellent job in helping the city to tighten up our finances.  This will also take some load off of the rest of the city office staff who have been doing a super-human job at making sure our bases are covered in the interim.”