By Sheriff Scott Henriod, WPCSD

In today’s world they say that everything is at your fingertips, meaning that modern conveyances are now easily accessed. The use of your cell phone, tablet or computer brings the world to you. Looking to purchase an item or do some type of research is readily available, just the click of that button and your there. Here at the Sheriff’s Office we to are trying to make things easier for the public. The Sheriff’s Office recently joined with a company called GOVPAYNET. 

This company provides the public with a service that allows them to pay for services on site, online, or by phone. On the civil side, individuals can now pay for their county liquor licenses, dog tags, civil paper service fees, concealed weapons permits, gaming license, liquor license, accident reports, sheriff’s fees, incident reports and security payments by using this service. No more checks or cash. GOVPAYNET takes major credit cards and debit cards. 

The process is simple, you can still come to the Sheriff’s Office to do your business as usual, but it will be the swipe of a card instead of writing that check or making sure you have the right amount of cash. You can also call  GOVPAYNET at 1-888-604-7888 and provide them your credit card number and what fee you are paying.  On the criminal side individuals can now post bail by using this service. Defendants or others can pay their warrant fees, or post their bail at the Sheriff’s Office or by calling GOVPAYNET. The warrant fee or bail goes directly to the court that has issued the warrant. It makes the process simpler for all those involved. The Sheriff’s Office looks forward to working with the public to make things more convenient for you when you are in need of our assistance.