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A house on Sunshine Street in Ruth presents a fire hazard issue.

The Ely Times

The White Pine County Commission held a Special Fire Commission meeting last week in Ruth, along with the Ruth Town Council. 

The Ruth Volunteer Fire Department produced a list of items that they requested were structural repairs, and various items they requested to be ordered. The list was short, with minimal requests. 

Driveway replacement with drainage, garage doors, roof leaks, compressor, binoculars, SP02 monitor, oxygen bottles, ID tags and internet were some of the items listed.   

Interim Fire Chief Ralph McClintock was present and noted he was aware of most of the items listed. 

Court Hall, Chief of the Ruth Volunteer Fire Department said, “This is basically what I gave you guys when you requested a list. The driveway appeared to be an issue for the fire department in addition to a public safety issue for locals who walk by. 

Three trucks are missing binoculars. Hall said, “Having binoculars is crucial for wildland trucks, and semi accidents that could potentially be transporting hazardous waste.”

Chairman of the White Pine County Commission Richard Howe asked for input from teh council and said, “I think we touched on these items. We are up here to listen to the citizens of Ruth, your  concerns.”

Several issues were mentioned such as the drug problem, speeding, yards full of trash, and a storm drain that has been corroding away for several years.  

Ruth Town Councilwoman Melissa Sorenson-Spear said, “I’m going to ask for your guidance on this. We have quite a few homes that are fire hazards, severe fire hazards.  I call the sheriff’s office, it’s not an emergency, do we contact the building department about some of these houses that are hazards? 

Howe said, “There are so many blighted homes, we don’t have a compliance officer. We did condemn two houses in Ruth a few years ago, but there is only so much money and time to do those.” 

 Secretary of the Ruth Council Mary Sorenson asked, “What about the houses that people are living in that are fire hazards?”

Abandoned vehicles was another question Sorenson-Spear asked the commission for guidance on. 

During public comment, Justin Spear said, “I hope you guys take to heart what Court is trying to do with the driveways, I tried for six years to get that fixed. I was always told it cost too much, and it was never fixed.”

Commissioner Shane Bybee, “We are seeing facility issues in every station. We need to get you proper equipment, doors that are tall enough to get equipment in. These are really urgent needs that need to be addressed immediately.”

Ruth is in the process of purchasing a projection screen.  They will soon begin featuring movies in the park. 

It was reported that several work orders had been submitted to White Pine County, and no repairs have been made, according to members of the Ruth Town Council.  

Sorenson-Spear said, “I would like you guys to drive up to 12 Sunshine and look at the gutter, we have been after them for seven years for them to fix the gutter. I’ve been waiting for a small child to fall into it.  

Mary Sorenson said, “We have submitted several work orders on it.”