Are you interested in volunteering with the animals at the Ely Animal Shelter? The shelter is now accepting applications for volunteer opportunities.

If you have a soft heart for animals who have been abandoned, surrendered or sometimes neglected, volunteering is for you.   Many of the animals may be the nicest and most sincere animals you will ever meet.  Just like humans, these animals know when they are taken care of, and by volunteering at an animal shelter, you can give hope to those wonderful beings.

If you are skeptical, here are some reasons to volunteer:

1.  Animal shelters love it when you volunteer – The staff greet you, and make sure you are aware of everything new.  They don’t always have time to play and socialize with the aniamls, and they know that animals need love just as much as we do.  They are very thankful for the volunteers that take the time out of their day to play with the animals.

2.  Dogs and cats reduce stress anxiety – Playing with dogs and cats definitely boosts energy and lowers stress levels.

3.  You give an animal hope – Being at an animal shelter can give you clarity on how many dogs and cats become adopted or abused.  It’s extremely sad, but animals shelters give hope to the lost animals.  Hope that one day they will find the perfect human, or family.

4.  It’s a great way to see if you want to adopt a dog or cat – Volunteering at a shelter gives you knowledge and education that it takes to adopt an animal.  When you are able to interact with a dog or cat, you become aware of what they like, toys, fetch, etc.

5.  Snuggles….enough said