On July 13, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident which totaled my truck.  I was traveling through Ely on my way to St. George, UT to deliver 2 dogs to a rescue group.  I would like to thank everyone who helped me on Saturday.

The EMT’s were very professional and there were even people who were off duty that stopped to see if they could help.

The Sheriff’s office made sure the dogs were taken care of and a State Trooper visited me at the hospital to check on me.

At the hospital, Nurse Kamie helped me find a place to stay and CNA Margarete was able to take time off to take me to the hotel.  Denny of Denny’s Automotive helped me get some personal items out of my truck and drove me back to my hotel.  Jennifer and Sandy at the Prospector Hotel were very considerate of my situation and were able to get me my room free of charge.  Pipy helped me wrap the bandages on my arm.  

I was truly surrounded by angels that day, first those that helped me survive the accident and then those human angels that made sure I was taken care of.  I want to thank everyone for their hospitality.  (Please forgive me If I spelled your name wrong.)

Anita Bingham