By Marietta Henry

Jere believes that “You have to make your own Luck.”  Well in racing, its’ training, preparation and good luck.

Jere’s family all started in racing with his Father, Dan Brinkerhoff and his Mother LuRee, which resulted in five of their sons working in horse racing.  His other brothers who have raced and trained are namely, Gene and Val Brinkerhoff.  Jere’s other two brothers, Brad and Tod raced and trained, and have since passed away from ALS, “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”.

Since Jere is the oldest of six boys, as early as five years old, he started attending race meets with his Mother and Father.

Jere’s greatest dream in life was to become a Veterinarian.  He attended SUU, and majored in Zoology and Physical Education in preparation for this avocation.

After college graduation he taught school for a while, and then coached high school and Jr. High School basketball for 40 years.

His best horse he ever trained was Brent’s Pal who won the most wins in a row of 17, and the next best was Cash’s Game Plan.  Cash’s Game Plan won 7 straight Stake Races at Turf Paradise, and was named, “Horse of the Year”.

During Jere’s work schedule, he has also been Mayor of Fillmore, City Councilman, and County Commissioner.  He has continued to work for the County in the Recreation Department.

Jere has been coming to White Pine Horse Races for the past fifty years.  He has been Trainer of the Meet in Ely once, and twice in Elko.  During the years, Jere has attended our Draw Days, and has helped identify horses to put in races, when we have fallen short of our targeted goals.  He has truly been a loyal supporter of White Pine Horse Races.

Brinkerhoff races primarily in, California, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Wyoming.

 Happy Trails to you, and hope to see you at the races this year!