By Cozette Eldridge, Field Representative 

RSVP needs volunteer drivers, with clean driving records. The job includes using the RSVP van to take clients to out of town medical appointments and local medical and other appointments. We are also accepting Home Maker (light housekeeping) applications. If you are interested in applying for either job, or have questions, please call Cozette or Mo, Monday-Friday, between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. We are closed for lunch from 11:40 am-12:40 pm. I’m a klutz, and always have been. If there is something to trip or stumble over, I’ll be the first in line. The good news is that balance is a motor skill that can be maintained and improved with exercises that keep your hips, knees, and ankles strong.                             

 If you are prone to dizziness when rising from your bed, site on the edge of the bed for a few seconds and pump your ankles before you stand up. Before you stand, take a deep breath, and then step forward.                                                                          

It is also important to be able to stand from a sitting position without using your arms to push you up.                                                                                

  One leg stand is a good exercise to improve balance. Stand straight, raise one leg, bending your knee to a 45-degree angle. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds and repeat each leg several times.                                                                                 

Walk with the heel of the front foot touching the toe of the back foot as you take 10 steps forward.                                                                                Side-stepping and cross stepping, similar to western line dancing, are good exercises and fun too. Step to the right, then bring your left foot to meet your right foot. Advance to cross-stepping, where you side-step to the right and cross your left leg behind, then side-step to the right and cross your left leg in front.                                                                                        

 Try a tai chi program, which is excellent to promoting balance.                                           

 Vision provides you with clues that keep you from tripping over obstacles. Nerve receptors in the fluid-filled semicircular canals of the inner ear send balance messages to the brain when your head moves from side to side and up and down. Proprioceptors, which are nerves imbedded in muscles and tendons that tell the brain when a movement occurs so the body can shift to maintain it equilibrium.                          


    MON. Salmon, Alfredo Sauce/Parsley Noodles, Colorful Salad, Fruit 

TUES. Beef Patty/Bun, Lettuce/Tomato/onion, Mixed Vegetables, Cantaloupe 

WED. Beef Stew, Whole Wheat Noodles, Garden Salad, Mixed Melon Cup

THURS. BBQ Chicken Thighs, Potato Salad, Squash Blend, Trop. Fruit Mix

FRI. Philly Cheese Steak Sand., 3 Bean Salad, Potato Wedges, Fruit, Dessert