By Sheriff Scott Henriod WPCSD

Nothing’s sacred when it comes to scammers trying to take your money. This last week we took a report from a resident of our county who fell victim to a scammer pretending to be an injured Serviceman. The scammer contacted her via email and developed a friendship by writing her through emails. The scammer then advised her that he was going to be deployed to a foreign country and would be engaged in a dangerous mission. The scammer then waited several weeks and again contacted her through a pretend third party, again through email stating that he had been injured and needed her assistance. The third party emailer stated that the Serviceman was in a comma and needed the reporting party’s help .The scammer stated that he needed to send her some personal documents through the mail that the Serviceman had requested be sent to her, but needed assistance paying for it to be sent, due to the expense of being overseas. The scammer advised the reporting party on how to send the money, which unfortunately she did, to an address to help pay for the package to be sent to her. 

After that the scammer realized that he had the reporting party, hook, line and sinker. He then pretended to be a customs agent who declared that he needed more money sent so the package could clear customs. The reporting party then realized that maybe this was a scam and contacted the Sheriff’s Office. I advised the reporting party that it was a scam and to stop all contact with this person. 

A Sheriff’s Deputy took the report from her and advised her to contact her banking establishments and make sure no other transactions had taken place. Remember, scammers can really play on people’s emotions. We as a society truly want to help people and sometimes that leaves us venerable. Do your research before jumping in. There are wonderful organizations that you can donate to, to help out our Serviceman who protect our great country, but before you send that money double check to make sure they are legitimate.