Over the past several years Doreen has made great improvements to the weatherization program in the rural areas of the State. She took over a program that was in turmoil; where NHD had just conducted a monitoring of every project that they completed that fiscal year. There were several significant findings. She has made important changes to the program making it function better, and she continues to make changes that improve production and services to the program clients. Working with her supervisor, they changed staffing and came up with a plan to obtain the necessary inspection services by contracting out their inspections and energy audits. In fact, one of their inspectors, Sonny Martinez was given the “Going Above and Beyond” award. Doreen does not shy away from problems but faces them head on. With little background in energy auditing, she jumped in and learned many aspects of WxPro and the related Department of Energy required auditing procedures. She was right there in the training with all other energy auditors during the Las Vegas WxPro Training session. Because of the technical nature of weatherization, the program can be very intimidating at times, but she is not afraid to speak up and ask questions. She too, cares very much for the clients in the program. Her program covers over 10 counties dealing with some of the most dilapidated (or needy) housing units in the State. Nevertheless, she does what she can to try and prevent projects from being deferrals. Some of her projects also include funding from RNDC’s housing rehabilitation program. She personally takes responsibility for the success of her program and truly is a leader!