Al Bye,  NSEA  President

Ely Elks Lodge #1469 will have its 97th Annual Roll Call dinner on Thursday, August 9 at the Elks Lodge.,

Eleven members will be honored with five years or more in Elkdom. Those being honored are:

—5 Years:  Robert Ramsey.

—15 Years:  Susie Francis

—20 Years:  Kelly Brown PER

—30 Years:  William Thompson.

—35 Years:  Joe Ciscar, Timothy Lujan PER.

—40 Years:  Thierry Barkley..

—45 Years:  Ronald Kozak, Bernie Romero.

—50 Years:  Mark Anderson, Richard Maus.

Recognition for more than 50 years:  Alan Forsgren (53), Don Goodwin (56), Dayle Johnson (51), Ward S. Jones (52), Neil McKnight (55), Art Olson PER, PDDGER, PSP, PGELK (61).

The Lodge will open at 4:00 pm and dinner will be served at 5:30 pm. A $10.00 fee is requested to offset the dinner cost and members are urged to RSVP at the Lodge number at 289-4904 or with Julie at 237-9997 or Gayle at 293-0107.

Nevada State Elks Association President Al Bye and NSEA First Lady Sabina Bye will be making their official visit to Ely Lodge during the Roll Call dinner.

Bye is a member of Carson City Lodge #2177.  He has served as Treasurer, Ritual coach and Exalted Ruler of Carson City Lodge. He has served the NSEA as DDGER (North) in 2011-2012, chairman for Grand Lodge ushers at Reno Grand Lodge, NSEA Treasurer, Chairman of Board of Trustees, NSEA PER President and Activities Chairman. He served as NSEA Vice-President and President-elect before being elected as NSEA President in April of 2019.