Our beautifully diverse landscape has an ecological fragility unmatched by most other geographical regions in this country. Nevada is the most arid U.S. state receiving the least amount of rain and having a growing season of only about 100 days in areas surrounding Elko and the Ruby Mountains — where record numbers and acreage of oil and gas leases threaten irrevocable damage. Just across the Pacific in Hawaii a record level of CO2 was recorded in May at 414ppm by NOAA, the same government administration which stated last November that we had roughly 10-12 years to reduce total emissions.

Recovery from climate change fallout will be impossible without the green balance of vegetation needed to sequester carbon and mitigate the continuing damage of drilling and fracking industries. This should be a time of serious incentive to expand the uptake of emissions by planting trees and native biodiversity, not a mad dash opportunity to further exploit valuable habitats and destroy countless ecosystems for altogether wasted profits.

(Are we that intent upon gambling away our scenic economy of flora and fauna in this mysterious quest for fossil fuels in geologic regions either virtually free of these resources or not sustainable for exploring them? The upcoming July 30th lease sale of land parcels is fraught with unanswered questions regarding the future of our state, environment and families.)

Thank you for your attention to this matter!


Gina L. Ryan