By Sheriff Scott Henriod, WPCSD

Have you gotten that phone call? I know I did and it seems that a lot of people in our county and across the State of Nevada have. What phone call am I talking about? It’s the one where the caller says there from the Social Security Division and your Social Security number has been put on a hold statues. The caller continues and states that your Social Security number has been fraudulently used and now the Division has put a hold on it until they clarify all your information. The caller than asks you to verify your social security number, the caller doesn’t give it to you, but wants you to give it to them. 

If your foolish and gave it to them, they then ask for your date of birth. Once again they don’t give it to you, you give it to them. If you provided the information they requested, they got you and you are now a victim of identity theft. Yes that’s right you just gave this scammer the information he needed to open up credit card accounts, bank loans, fake ID, and whatever else their criminal minds can come up with. 

And guess what, all that now is linked to you. So when they default on a loan or charge a credit card to the max it’s all linked back to your identification and the creditors are expecting you to pay.  

If you feel that you are a victim of this new and uprising scam, contact the Sheriff’s Office and we will assist you in completing a theft of identification form to be delivered to the Attorney General’s Office which will assist you in this process.  Remember to always safe guard your personal information. Don’t make it so easy for these criminals to be successful at the criminal games they play.