KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
The staff at Sportsworld has been working hard getting ready for their grand re-opening on this Saturday.

The Ely Times

Sportsworld is holding a re-grand opening this Saturday.  

With lots of items on sale, some at blow-out prices, this weekends sale should draw a large number of customers.    

The store has been revamped, and store manager Danielle Foley is adding a new touch to the setup and market for Sportsworld. 

“What do people really want? What is the biggest draw to this county? Outdoors activities, fishing, hunting, kayaking, camping and so much more,”Foley said. 

The store has had several areas reorganized making the shopping experiences convenient and pleasurable. 

The sale begins Saturday at 10 a.m. and will go until 2 p.m.

Foley said there will also be a cooking demonstration with a dutch oven and camp chef  in the lot adjacent to the store. And bring the kids along too, where there will be fun games and a kids archery competition as well.  

Foley said, “The goal is to get kids more active, outdoors.”

The Elyte Cheer team will be selling hot dogs and chips to raise money for their team.  

Foley talks about how the store represents the outdoors, by including a variety of what you may need whether your’re fishing, camping, biking, or hunting, they have it all. 

Several great sales includes a blow-out on safes, a safe that was normally $1,200 is now $795.

“This is the best time to pick one up, and we provide delivery,” Foley said. 

And, if you need a few firearms to fill the safe up, there will be gun packages available as well. 

Sportsworld will no longer be carrying Carhart, so the store will be offering 50-75 percent  discounts on Carrhart items. 

“We are expanding into other brands. We want to bring items in that people can afford, and trends change as well, so we are looking at some different brands,” Foley said. 

Another area that has been revamped is the bike shop. Signs adorn the entryway of the bike shop area, and a wide variety of bicycles are on display, for all ages.  

More items for children will be coming available as well, including hunting gear, hiking shoes, swim apparel, inflatable pools and pool games. The store is expanding in what they will have available at their store moving forward. 

Foley believes new and loyal customers will enjoy the new updates and changes that have been made.  

Stop in, Saturday, at 1600 E. Aultman, grab a hot dog, check out the sales and enjoy the staff that can help you with any questions you may have.