Teresa Stewart photo
Pictured left to right: Beverly Cornutt, ICS Volunteer; and Wayne Cameron, Director of White Pine Chamber of Commerce and representative for Spring Valley Wind – Pattern Energy.

Submitted by Beverly Cornutt

ICS Sunnyside would like to express sincere thanks to Spring Valley Wind-Pattern Energy, who recently presented a generous donation to our program.  

 ICS (Inner City Slickers) is an on-going “Old West Program” inspired by the film, City Slickers.  This program was chosen because the “Old West” symbolizes Strength, Perseverance and Hard Work.  Youth who attend this program learn to rope, groom, feed, sit on a horse and work together as a team.  The ICS program is one of the only means we have seen that can virtually erase the color barrier between teens.  The kids are transformed right before our eyes – forgetting about color, peer pressures and their own challenges.  They learn to concentrate on what’s in front of them – a magnificent horse!

In 2013, Leota Joyner Johnson from Sunnyside, Nevada began working with Inner City Slickers founder Michael McMeel from New Tazewell, Tennessee to bring the ICS program to Eastern Nevada.  The event began as a 1-day event, annually, until 2016 when it was changed to a 1-day event, two days in a row annually. The program is for youth ages 10-18.  Each day, a maximum of 15 children arrive at Leota’s ranch and spend a wonderful day making new friends and finding their trust and faith.  Youth come from White Pine, Nye, and Eureka Counties.

This year’s event will be held August 23 and 24 at Sunnyside.  A bus will be provided for those youth attending on Friday. There are still openings for youth who are interested in attending.  Please call Leota Johnson at 775-289-9401 or by email at leotasjohnson@yahoo.com.  Space is limited so please call very soon if interested.