By Marietta Henry

They’re Off!   This familiar cry will be heard once again, on August 16, August 17 and August 18, 2019, as live horse racing returns to Nevada’s White Pine County.  Operated by White Pine Horse Races in conjunction with AG District 13, this will be the 85th year in their efforts to continue with a long-time tradition which originated in 1934.

The excitement of the crowd with all the enticements of the food, drinks, and pari-mutuel betting will commence on Friday, August 16th.  Post time on Friday will be 3:00pm.  On Saturday and Sunday, post time will commence at 1:00pm.   

Ranch Rodeo will begin at 10:00am on Friday and will host the following team events:  Team Branding, Team Trailer Loading,  Team Cattle Doctoring & Team Roping.  Individual events will be: Women’s Steer Stopping and Ranch Saddle Bronc Riding.  There will be prizes for men’s and women’s teams.

The Fireman’s BBQ will take place in the evening, at 5pm, as well.  A wonderful array of succulent food will be served.  The Concessions Stand on Saturday and Sunday will continue with wonderful chorizo’s, hamburgers, hot dogs, and on Sunday Breakfast Burritos.

As an added bonus on Sunday, we will have The White Pine T-Rex & Mascot Shuffle at 11:00am.  The participants will provide their own costumes, and they will either dash, walk, dance, or run to make it down the track to 50 yards at the finish line.  There is no fee, or age limit for this event, and it should provide additional entertainment for our crowd.

The vision and sound of the horse’s hoofs coming from the Starting Gate is a sight to behold.  If you are downstairs by the finish line, you can actually feel the ground move and vibrate.  There is just nothing better!  Next comes the yelling and cheering of the crowd for their individual picks, until the race concludes.

The end-of-race finish line festivities is exciting for the horse owner, jockey, trainer, and of course, our “special” Race Sponsors, as they line up for the official picture in the “winner’s circle”.

For the horse owner, being at the Finish Line is the ultimate reward for all the hard work and money expended on their horse.

Best of all, when your horse wins a race, you now can go and collect on your bet, and bet on more races!

Don’t miss the best entertainment of the entire season.  It’s a great opportunity to visit with friends, and those who have come from far away places to join us for the very best of living!

If you wish to reach White Pine Horse Races, please call 702-379-0004, or 775-289-8589.