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Pictured from left to right are Raymond Maestes, Jr., Assistant Fire Management Officer for the BLM Ely District; Court Hall, Ruth Volunteer Fire Department Chief and White Pine County Chiefs Association President; and Ralph McClintock, Interim White Pine County Fire Protection District Administrator.

ELY—The Bureau of Land Management Ely District’s Office of Fire Management in late July transferred 24 mobile and 28 portable radios, and related equipment to the White Pine County Fire Protection District. The transfer was made possible through the Rural Fire Readiness (RFR) program that allows BLM to transfer firefighting equipment to local cooperators to benefit the federal agency’s wildland fire mission.

The RFR program provides cooperators the equipment necessary to better support federal agencies in wildfire response. In addition to communications equipment, the RFR program allows for the transfer of PPE and basic gear, tools and equipment, fire shelters, and more. Wildland fire engines, water tenders, dozers and other items can be obtained under the program’s “Direct Transfer” authority.

RFR is one of two programs that support the BLM’s wildland fire mission. The Local Cooperator Assistance (LCA) program provides funding for wildland fire training and to establish cooperative fire response agreements and build relationships with local cooperators. Together, the RFR and LCA provide assistance that increases the capability and capacity of local cooperators, as well as the safety and effectiveness of the collaborative wildland fire response.