The 1990’s brought to the Centennial Fine Center 1) National Historic Register of Historic Places, 2) Home of the Senator Gallagher photo collection, 3) Several grants as a result of Historic Register, 4) Columbia Artists’ Community Concerts, 5) Nevada State Piano Festivals.

In early 1999, Branson, Missouri, invited the Community Choir to perform four concerts at Branson’s first Music Festival. The choir director called the Chamber of Commerce in Branson for information about the National Festival. This was the first festival. Choirs throughout the country applied for opportunity to perform. The director told the Chamber that our choir had had no information about the event and, therefore, had not applied. Application required sending video of performance. Our choir had not applied. The director was told then that one of the eight National Representatives had been in Ely and heard the Choir; thus, the White Pine Community Choir was invited to perform NOT FOR ADJUDIFICATION, BUT AS AN EXEMPLARY CHOIR.

The choir had not done traveling invitations, but since Branson is a tourist mecca, the choir thought maybe we could influence tourists to visit Ely. So the choir accepted the invitation to perform four concerts in four different professional concert halls. The choir’s trip to Branson was in May, 1999. —More next time.