Ely Times

Downtown Ely has a new neighbor cooking for the masses. Expanding our town’s fondness for food trucks, Sandra’s Mexican Food is an unassuming chuck wagon that arrived on the scene a month ago, but is already generating a cult following.  

Sandra Sandoval and Juan Villarreal made Ely their home over one year ago, after moving from Baker.  Born in Juchipila, Zacatecas, Central Mexico, Sandra and Juan emigrated to the United States and raised two children, Armando and Sandra.  Now a grandmother, Sandra has put her heart and soul into the business of making quality authentic Mexican dishes, with her family’s help, that have kept people coming to the previously vacant lot at 8th and Aultman at a rather steady pace over the past few weeks. 

Sandra explained, “Everything here is homemade and made special, from the hot sauce and guacamole, to the tostadas, tamales and asada tacos, to the gorditas and soon our family’s special chorizo. It’s all fresh.”  Sandra and her family are here for the flavor and are happy to feed Ely only their best recipes.  With daily specials to keep you coming back for more, there is plenty to please the pickiest of palates.  

Open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, 10- 6, Sandra, Juan and their family are ready for your order.  “We are very happy to be here. Our long term plans are to grow and eventually get into one of the buildings here in downtown,” the younger Sandra said.  Every street taco you scarf down, every tamale you take away will be helping Sandra’s Mexican Food Truck get one step closer to that dream of a brick and mortar location and a permanent home here in Ely.  Let’s eat.