KayLynn Roberts-McMurray photo
Pictured: Kyle Horvath, Marietta Henry, and Susan Keough.

The Ely Times

The CACH program continues to thrive by the continous generous donations across White Pine County.  

This year during the annual Fourth of July  breakfast held at the Bristlecone Convention Center  donations from this event totaled over $1,300.  

All monetary donations collected were presented to Susan Keough, president of the CACH program, by Tourism and Recreation Board member Marietta Henry and Director of the Tourism and Recreation Board, Kyle Horvath. 

“Tourism is happy to partner with valuable community organizations like CACH, and thanks everyone who attended the community breakfast and donated to combat child hunger in our county,”Horvath said. 

The CACH program was created by Margaret Bath.  In 2012, Bath ventured out on a church mission to Africa. This is where her eyes were opened to the need of hungry children. 

When she returned home from her mission, she knew in her heart, that she wanted to make a difference.  

She began doing research and discovered that many of the children in White Pine County were without the proper nutrition while away from school.  Bath, along with several other community members, launched the “Committee against Child Hunger.”

Childhood hunger in White Pine County is a problem that is easily swept under a rug.  

Many children go home not able to eat because there is no food in the household, and they wait until they return to school to have a meal.  

The CACH program fills backpacks with non-perishable foods that kids can prepare themselves so that they can get the nutrients they need.  

When the program originated,  it began feeding 35 children a week, and now feeds close to 150 children a week here in White Pine County.  

The cost is $4,000 a month.

The money for the program comes strictly from fundraising events around the county.  Once volunteers pack a month’s worth of back packs, they are then distributed to the various schools across the valley, Lund, Ely, and McGill.  

Teachers and counselors then hand off a backpack to a student who is identified as needing assistance. The school’s engagement of this program offers privacy to ensure those that are helping never know who is going to receive a backpack.  

Henry said, “For the past three years we have asked attendees at the White Pine Tourism July 4th Breakfast if they wish to contribute to the Cache Program in honor of Margaret Bath.  

“Typically, we have a picture of Margaret by the donation bowl, and invariably, once they see her picture they automatically donate. The usual response is, “Anything for Margaret, she was a wonderful person.”

With school set to begin in the next few weeks, this donation will help tremendously. Giving the children in the community more than a empty cereal bowl in the morning.  

“This is a wonderful tribute to someone who truly believes in helping others,” Henry said.