By Sheriff Scott Henriod

Not sure what happened to our summer, but it is flying right by. You can always tell that it’s coming to a close as soon as the Horse Races and Fair comes around. The cool mornings and nights come back and you might even have to put on a jacket.  During all this change a looming date also hangs over our school children’s head. Yes, August 26th, it’s the first day of school. This means it’s time for school shopping and gathering up those school supplies. For the past several years the Sheriff’s Office has teamed up with KDSS, Sahara Motors, Robinson Mine, and the Chamber of Commerce to assist our local schools in obtaining necessary school items so that our students can have a successful school year. Once again we are leading the charge encouraging the citizens of White Pine County to assist us in this effort. Needed items are, but not limited to, notebooks, paper, pencils, tissue paper, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, back packs, binders, cleaning wipes and any other items you think students can use. Drop off points will be located at the Sheriff’s Office, KDSS and Sahara Motors. I would like to thank all those in advance that will help make this happen. Let’s be generous in our donations this year and help our students have a great school year. Thank you for your support in this effort.