Submitted by Teresa Curto

A few years on Aug 21st a lot of us witnessed something that we will not see again in our life time… they called it the Great American Eclipse…. my youngest brother lives just north of Portland, Oregon, and got to witness this amazing Eclipse just as so many others did … Later that night he sat down and wrote what he called giants in the sky and e-mailed it to me. With the 21st of August coming up I thought about sharing this so others can enjoy it just as I did …. his name is Eugene William Cooper  but everyone here knew him as Bill.

The Giants in the Sky

We collected ourselves today, and became a collective. Everything in our lives today molded into this magic 2 hour event, most of us from young to old, seeing something together for the first time in our lives. How we go from day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year, watching these 2 marvels of nature circle over planet every day and night, having evolved to come to understand this awesome synchronic event, knowing one circles us, and we circle the other. We were all kids for a few minutes today witnessing the astonishment that is nature at it’s finest. We see the giants cross the sky as if they are part of us, and when they criss-crops, they seem to be even more part of us. You can never ignore who the “star” always is, figuratively and literally, for without it, nothing is happening. The satellite sidekick is a soft cool luminous being that can give us equally awesome sights from time to time so it’s important that we don’t ignore it as well. Without the heat and light from our star, as well as the balancing act our satellite gives us, nothing on our beautiful planet is seeing this happen, let alone intelligence life that we are so lucky to be, watching, experiencing, and remembering this natural cosmic event right here at home. It’s events like this that tell us humans we are very very small in the grant scheme of what we know as the cosmos. The giants in the sky have been doing this act for our planet for millions of years. It’s a time to step back and appreciate ate this thing called existence. Astonishment helps enlighten, and in turn enlightenment seeks out astonishment, small or large, Love life, we get one, and this is when it’s at its finests. —Eugene William Cooper