By Sheriff Scott Henriod

If you have been driving around on the streets of Ely you might have noticed some new road signs that have been going up. The new OHV (off highway vehicle) signs are being put up to show designated routes that OHV  operators can use to gain ingress and egress to private and public areas that are open to off highway vehicles. 

The City of Ely, City Council has passed an ordinance that now allows OHV users to operate their OHV’S on certain City streets to gain access to areas that allow OHV use. The ordinance is under chapter 12 of the City of Ely Codes and is found in 6-12-1 through 6-12-6. To eliminate some confusion that has been going on I would like to point out some of the highlights of the city ordinance that must be followed. 

First, all OHV’S must be registered pursuant to NRS chapter 490.130 (2). Second, all operators must have a valid driver’s license unless supervised by a person who is 18 years of age and holds a valid driver’s license. Third, all persons operating an OHV, including passengers must wear a helmet. Fourth, all operators must comply with all traffic laws. Fifth, speed restriction are in place and the operators cannot drive faster than 15 miles per hour. Sixth, OHV’S can only be driven 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset on a city street. Failure to follow these rules could result in a citation, which is hard earned money coming out of your pocket. 

For more information on this ordinance or the list of the streets that allow the OHV users to gain access to areas to ride, you can look them up at, or contact the City of Ely or the Sheriff’s Office.