By Sheriff Scott Henriod

Hunting season is once again upon us and that means a lot of people heading out into the mountains. I bring this topic up to remind everyone, not only hunters, but anyone who is heading out into the mountains how important it is to have a trip plan. Recently the Sheriff’s Office received a report of an individual who was hunting in White Pine County. He had told his wife an area where he thought that he would be hunting in. After not hearing from him for a few days she called the Sheriff’s Office asking us to locate him. The Sheriff’s Office along with Search and Rescue and Nevada Department of Wildlife searched the area where she thought that he was at. He was not located in the area where he was supposed to be. The individual was later located miles away from where he was supposed to be hunting and unfortunately he had died due to natural causes. So what should be in your trip plan? First, always tell someone where you are going and when you will return. If you decide to change locations or stay longer, let that same person know. Second go prepared, take extra food and water to be able to survive for several days. Third, make sure your cell phone is charged and take a car charger with you to keep it charged.  Forth, take a blanket with you, as you know our temperatures drop quite a bite after the sun goes down.  I would like to thank all the agencies that participated or provided information in this search, BLM, Forest Service, State Parks, McGill Volunteer Fire Department and the National Park Service.