The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest is looking for new members to serve on the White Pine-Nye Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) as authorized under the Secure Rural Schools (SRS) Act. As seven of the 15 RAC members’ terms have expired or the positions have become vacant, several new members are needed to achieve a quorum to recommend projects using SRS funds. A RAC member’s term lasts four years and has a two-term limit. The Forest forwards nominations for new members to the Secretary of Agriculture, who makes the appointments to the committee.

“Volunteering as a member of the RAC is an opportunity to learn more about the National Forest and nearby communities while helping to move forward quality projects that will benefit National Forest System lands and provide opportunities and benefits to the public that use those resources,” said Ely District Ranger Jose Noriega.

Once a quorum is secured, the White Pine-Nye RAC will review proposals for projects within White Pine, Nye, Eureka, and Lander Counties submitted by local governments, USDA Forest Service staff, and local communities.  The committee then recommends projects for funding to the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Supervisor for final approval. The RAC generally meets three to four times per year.

Currently over $700,000 is available to fund projects in this next round. Past projects have included but were not limited to hazardous fuels projects, roads and trails improvements, wildlife habitat improvement, campground improvements, and noxious weed treatments.

To be considered, potential members must fill out an application to the Forest Service. Interested parties should email Jose Noriega, Ely District Ranger at or call (775) 289-0176 to receive an application package. For more information on SRS Title II funding and becoming a RAC member, visit