To The Editor:

The Ely Times is a small town newspaper and therefore it should be keeping the locals informed about “local events.” So much of the paper is filled with warmed-over national news. How about informing us about the local issues that come in front of the City Council and County Commission and how our elected officials vote on their issues, maybe even have them explain some of their votes. The public doesn’t have time to sit through these meetings and therefore most people have no idea about what is going on in our community and that’s not right!

Bert Woywod


To The Editor:

Hi my name is Linda Goldstein and my husband Alan E. Goldstein #1156842 has been at High Desert State Prison and he got moved there from Ely State Prison the last week of june 2019, after he got jumped by AW’s while we were talking on the phone. His face was fractured in four places as well as a eye socket and his nose. Ever since he’s been at High Desert he has gone through things no inmate has to go through. After getting out of the infirmary they put him in the hole ( segregation ) as if he wasn’t a victim. 

From there everything has gone wrong. They refused to give him his bible as well as his books and he gave them to a co to brass slip home and I have yet to receive them and its been over a month. They would not let him order food and he was not on store restriction as well no stamps to write me or his family. He said he went to the shower and he came back and someone shxx on his shirt and in his shoes, and the only one who has access was a co. I could see he was falling into depression and the first wed of aug out visit was bad , he want my husband and he told me he wanted to die. I told the lieutenants in visiting about it and he wears sunglasses so u cant see his eyes and he was smiling the whole time I was trying to get help for my husband. My husband used all his socks to wipe his butt cuz they didn’t give him toilet paper. All in all I told two lieutenants and one said he can’t just go check on a inmate, but that’s his job. I spoke to two lieutenants and A Sergant about this matter and no one did anything to help my husband to where it got so bad he ended up in the infirmary wanting to commit suicide. He left his ID in visitation our last visit because he was not himself, its been a month now and he still does not have his ID and he can not get anything without it. He just got moved Aug. 19th to GP and now that he can get food he still can’t get it without a ID. I’m sure so much more has happened to him and he’s afraid to say because they listen to your calls and everytime he speaks out things come back to him 3 times worse. I know its just not him that is suffering from the co’s yet its like not even the warden cares and they have that uniform on and feel as if they can do as they want to all inmates. 

My husband is a addict and he will always be one and inmates should be in a recovery place not a prison cuz there is more dope in the system and there is no where for them to escape it. My husband asked me to get help and get someone to listen so maybe all this will get better and it doesn’t happen to another inmate. I have a attorney who’s trying to help, but fighting the system is hard cuz they don’t care, its all about money. 

I’v reached out to everyone in the system but get no calls back or they just don’t answer. Please help my husband and other inmates get their stories out. There has to be something someone can do. They’re not keeping them safe nor are they treating them like human beings. We don’t know where else to go for help. Thank you so much. 

Linda Goldstein