By Sheriff Scott Henriod
August 26, 2019 is officially the start of the new school year for the White Pine County School District. If you are a Charter school attendee your school year started a little earlier, beginning last week.
With that said, that means a lot of school children coming and going to school. Children being dropped off at school, walking to school, riding their bikes and riding the school bus.
Each of these situations are concerns for parents, teachers, citizens and law enforcement. So it’s time for a reminder to slow down in the school zones. When the lights are flashing on the school zone signs that means school children are present. Make sure that the 15 mile per hour speed limit you’re required to do is being followed. When the lights are flashing on those school buses it means that children are loading or unloading from the bus and you must stop.
This is probably one of the most dangerous times for children. There excited to get off the bus and most of the time they don’t look they just dart across the roadway. Please come to a complete stop. The law requires that all vehicles must stop in both directions, until the school bus has turned off its warning lights. Let’s make sure that we all are taking precautions to protect our children as we travel around our community.