Ely Times

The White Pine War Memorial Foundation is excited for the planned arrival of the American Veterans Traveling Tribute Traveling Vietnam Wall, an 80% to-scale version of the Vietnam War Memorial Wall in Washington D.C.  

Spanning 360 feet in length and standing 8 feet tall at its apex. this tribute memorial is made possible by American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT) a multi-division, nationally-recognized Veteran-owned and operated small business.  AVTT’s Traveling Wall is the largest Wall replica traveling the USA, and is not to be confused with several other replica Walls; The Moving Wall, The Dignity Wall, the Wall That Heals.

The project is committed to respecting, honoring, and remembering those who served and sacrificed their lives for freedom and democracy during the Vietnam War, while also paying tribute to past and present service men and women in all branches of the military. Through its various programs AVTT is fostering the education and building of appreciation from our youth for the sacrifices made by countless men and women in defense of the way of life they enjoy.

Scheduled to be displayed in Broadbent Park from July 1 through 5, 2020 the war memorial wall will bring a solemn reminder and honor-filled respectfulness to next year’s Fourth of July celebrations, allowing reverent lessons about the history and cost of our country’s wars. 

In the preparations for the arrival of the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall, the White Pine War Memorial Foundation is requesting donations to help offset the costs related to the wall’s transportation, security,  set up, display, and removal.  The foundation’s goal is to raise $15,000 for the event and continued support of local veterans and related projects in the community.   

Contributors of $100 or more will be listed on a “Patriots Recognition” Banner during the five day event. Corporate participation is also welcomed. Checks or money orders may be made out to: White Pine War Memorial Foundation.  Send donations to Vance Walker, 25 Ocelet Place,  Reno, NV. 89511; or drop checks off at First National Bank of Ely, care of Katie Gianoli-Rozich.   

Your generous donations are important and greatly appreciated. Please consider joining the effort to bring a piece of history to WhitePine County so that everyone might have the opportunity to remember those men and women who fought and died for freedom.  For more information contact David Huckaby at 775-777-5677 or Terry Gust at 775-293-0073 or Vance Walker at 775-846-2255.

The Vietnam Conflict Extract Data File of the Defense Casualty Analysis System (DCAS) contains records of 58,220 U.S. military fatal casualties of the Vietnam War and 149 service men from Nevada are among that total.  According to Government Archives and the DCAS Files, the members of the armed services from White County that were lost during the Vietnam War are:  SP4 HERMAN E ANDERS JR., Army;  MAJ. JOSEPH EDWARD BOWER, Air Force (never recovered);  LCPL. TIMOTHY GENE CARTER, Marine Corps;  SGT. RODNEY LANE CRANE, Army;  PFC. CARL JAMES CUE, Army;  SP4 JOSEPH ANDREW GARCIA, Army;  PFC. RICHARD OWEN GRIFFITH, Marine Corps;  SP4 LARRY CRAIG HIGGINSON, Army;  PFC. STEVEN TIMOTHY HOWE, Army;  SGT. RICK V JENSEN, Army;  PFC. STEPHEN EARL LARSEN, Army;  PFC. JOHN ROBERT PIERINI, Army;  SGT. RICHARD MAX YELLAND, Army. 

For a comprehensive list of Nevada servicemen lost to the Vietnam War, please visit: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/military/vietnam-war/casualty-lists/nv-alpha.pdf