Submitted by Minnis Alderman

Several months after the Community Choir’s trip to Branson (the tourist mecca) in May, 1999, 3 or 4 tourists visited Ely and commented on seeing the choir there, thus their wanting to see this unique Western community. The choir had been invited to perform in four of the concert halls in Branson. The choir performed their Broadway series and hoped that their visit would attract people to Ely. So perhaps that idea did work.

In 1999 the Centennial Fine Arts Center was recognized by the National Foundation of Historic Preservation as “One of America’s Treasures.” This
Treasure” had much to do with the rare architectural style and the varied opportunities of continued use of the center. With this recognition included a trip to Hollywood in 2000 to visit the Disney and other movie studios and to attend seminars on advantages and opportunities of such a treasurer.

About thirty other U.S. sites were included in this recognition. The Choir Director was the only member of the Choir that could “take time off” to attend this totally free unique opportunity.

One of the activities of the center that has had long-lasting value is the tumblers/gymnastics. This was established first by the Gardners of Lund and has been continued now for several years by Jenny Ahlvers. What a wonderful opportunity for our youth with the development of a rare fine art combining athletic skills artistry.

This “Treasurer” has brought so many opportunities within our community. 

More to come.