City of Ely’s Road Maintenance Crew, with help and equipment from White Pine County, has been busy working their way around Ely repairing roads and fixing streets. Yesterday Mike Craycraft oversaw the packing and sealing of Belford Ave, constructing a paved stripe out of the dirt.

Residents on Belford watched as the heavy rollers, water truck and sealer carefully sculpted the road, taking what was previously a dirt road and turning into a new paved street.  One resident who has lived in his Belford home for 21 years said, “This is just what we needed.” Another resident of Belford commented that “After living here 11 years, we’re so happy to not have to deal with mud.”  A neighborhood that had felt forgotten can now walk down the street, their sealed street.

That’s the first step, as Craycraft explained, “This process takes three years, it’s done in layers and most people think we don’t move fast enough, but it requires a lot of steps.”  When asked how many potholes he and his department have filled this year, “This year alone, oh, thousands, too many to count.” As long as the weather holds out Mike and his team will be out trying to make the streets of Ely safer, smoother, and more tire friendly. 

Residents should be aware the City has put out a notice for next week: Mill St. Campton St., Lyons Ave., Fay Ave. and Ogden Ave. will be closed during the days of September 16th and 17th for fog sealing.  Residents will need to find alternative routes and remove their vehicles from these thoroughfares between the hours of 8am – 5pm.  Once the street is sealed the road will reopen approximately one hour after the sealant coat is applied.