By Sheriff Scott Henriod

Well once again it’s unfortunate that I have to warn the public about a new scam that is sweeping the country. I’ll call it the DNA scam. I’m sure you have seen the ads on TV, or over the internet about sending in a sample of your DNA to find out where your ancestors came from and to start linking your family tree through genealogy. Well, most of these sites are legitimate and in fact I myself have done one. It was interesting to see where my ancestors came from and to find out where I fit in the big picture. Well unfortunately the scammers have seen how popular this program is and they want a piece of it. I just recently read an article where the scammers are going door to door claiming to be from an organization that collects peoples DNA and then provides them with the information that the legitimate companies provide. The article stated that the scammers knock on your door, pretend to collect the DNA from you by swabbing the inside of your mouth with a swab. They then collect the fee from you, around $100.00 dollars and promise that you’ll receive your results in a few months. Well time goes by and you never receive your results because you have just been scammed. So if you’re ever approached by a door to door sales person please let the Sheriff’s Office know. We would like to check the legitimacy of the company selling the products along with making sure they have the proper licensing.