The Ely Times

The Ely City council approved a request from the The Nevada Department of Transportation to waive landfill disposal and water construction fees for Phase I of the Ely Roadway Rehabilitation Project.  

The asphalt that was going to be deposited at the landfill was not a concern because it would be ground up.

  City Clerk Jennifer Lee told the city council that it would be asphalt, concrete, pipes, trees, anything they are running into.   

“They have estimated in their bid documents, $40,000 for construction water, $40,000 for landfill fees, and I talked to Jae Pullen with Nevada Department of Transportation, and they are waiting for yardage or tonnage estimates from the contractor,” Lee said. 

Lee also said she discussed with Pullen asking him to provide what they are contributing to the city as part of this project.  

“Just in lights that are new, not replacing the existing lights so they all match, but just new lights, that would be $240,000,  pedestrian flasher system, $225,00, Gateway signs, $255,000 for a total contribution of $720,000,” she said.

Road department supervisor, Mike Cracraft asked the council if the city would have the opportunity to utilize the asphalt that is being ground up.  

Mayor Nathan Robertson said, “You can use that on dirt roads,  Asphalt is a pretty valuable commodity.”  

Cracraft said, “Yes, and we running low for our projects, we could use some of that.” 

Robertson discussed his concerns about if they’re an enterprise fund, waiving things like this. 

Councilman Sam Hanson said, “I wondered if it was standard practice in municipalities. 

Lee said, “I didn’t ask that question.”  

Councilman Jim Alworth said, “My opinion is that on the enterprise fund, it’s like any business so once it comes to you, such as asphalt do you want to contribute back as a business owner to the betterment of the city. I think whatever we can do to speed this process up, we are already behind the eight ball.”  

Motion was made and approved unanimously. 

 An agenda item was removed has been rescheduled at a special city council meeting on Friday, Sept. 20, for this item.  The item is for approval of the Development Agreement between the Nevada Northern Railway Foundation and the City of Ely for the Foundation to apply for a loan in excess of the limitations provided for in Section 3(a)(iii) of the Development Agreement, not to exceed $450,000.00.

The council also approved the Animal Control Advisory Board providing community outreach in educating the community on adopting, vaccinating, spaying and neutering of animals, and securing your animals so they don’t go at large.  

Target date to begin outreach is Oct. 1.