Dear Editor:

It is time for a Congressman who will honorably serve us.  That’s why I am with Sam Peters.  He is a United Stated Air Force veteran who earned a Bronze Star in Afghanistan, and numerous other service awards.  He is not a career politician.  We need someone in DC who will be OUR voice.  I am going with Sam and District 4 Voters should too!

Additionally, Congressman Horsford must be defeated in November of 2020.  He is not representing us.  He is playing the go along to get along game in Washington with the DC elite.

He’s worried that he’s going to lose to veteran Sam Peters, and when he does he will try to get  another job as a lobbyist in order to keep his political career alive.

A Republican woman, tired of the status quo politics-

Marlene Jones, RN

To the Editor:

Are you loving an addict to death? Loving someone to death would be labeled as enabling them. Enabling is to excuse, justify, ignore, deny, and smooth over the addiction. This allows the addicted person to avoid facing the full consequences of their addiction. These consequences are typically the reason a person would hit “rock bottom” and they would reach out for help. If they don’t have consequences why should they stop? They are allowed to ignore responsibilities he or she would otherwise be expected to handle themselves. 

You enable them by giving them money, paying for a car and phone, paying or providing a place to live, and bailing them out of jail. 

You love them by giving them food, seeking professional help, getting them treatment, answering when they call, and taking their addiction serious. 

Enabling creates a very dysfunctional relationship where the enabler lives there whole life around the needs and poor decisions of the addicted person. Enabling a person can put them in their grave. 

When you stop enabling the person it does not mean you stop loving them. Learn healthy ways to help them. Go here to learn more about enabling and when it goes too far

Shauna Krout

Clearwater, FL

To the Editor:

Ely is now home to a beautiful, state of the art, thirteen million dollar Holiday Express & Suites. This is the latest prototype & nowhere in this county will you find a more modern Holiday Express. 

What a huge plus to the image of Ely! Now, right behind this beautiful building we have a terribly offensive ad inexcusable sign that no city with pride should tolerate.

 I considered the 1st amendment and that free speech is alive & well, but when words are meant to offend the general public and the connotation is vulgar, sexual and pornographic in nature – it’s got to go! Quote – unquote “BL_ _ ME” on a sign facing the general public is an insult to our wonderful community. When a child says “Mommy what does B_ _ _ ME mean? Do you want to explain that to your child? 

Come on City Council, City Attorney, and other voices in this community DO SOMETHING!

Bert Woywood