An attractive nuisance, that’s the legal term for what the New Ruth School has become since being shuttered in the mid-1980s.   Constructed after the expansion of the mine moved residents from Ruth to New Ruth in the 1950s, this educational facility has stood as a red-bricked beacon in the desert since 1962.  White Pine County School District is now planning to have the deteriorating structure demolished.

 The intention of the WPCSD is for the demolition of the old New Ruth School to begin in the first weeks of October.  However, before this piece of history can come down, after being closed over twenty years ago, it needs to be cleared out.  Walking through its hallways and gymnasium we found many remaining remnants of the forgotten past and a mountain of school district materials.  

Chairs, desks, tables, unopened reams of paper, sign letters, tile, benches, paper towel dispensers, whtie boards, lockers, file cabinets, coat racks, shelves, kitchen racks, dining service carts, bookcases, a scoreboard, machinery, and all manner of items that all of the schools in the district had no room to keep or ability to maintain, are all available to be picked up and used elsewhere. 

 While district officials are intent on saving what can be used, what is left will end up as landfill for a pit at the mine.

Designed by Reno Architect Firm, Ferris & Erskine, many still around still remember attending New Ruth School as proud “Braves”, passing through its hallways and growing up in its classrooms.  Before demolition plans are finalized and bricks begin to fall, WPCSD is providing a community service for residents, offering teachers and education administrators, as well as the public at large, one last chance to stroll through the building and keep what they can carry.

 The White Pine County School District will be opening the doors of the New Ruth School as an “enter-at-your-own-risk” opportunity for educators to procure supplies or goods for use in other schools. 

From 10:00 am until 3:00 pm on Friday, September 27th, teachers and school admin are welcome to venture into the New Ruth School and take what they need.   The public is invited Saturday, September 28th, from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm, for the final chance to salvage and save any and all remaining materials.

There will not be any WPCSD employees to assist in the moving of materials. Individuals must provide their own methods for reclamation and transportation of large or heavy items. All property and goods within the school are provided at no cost and are available on a strictly “as is” basis.  

Hopefully, out of this process, taking care of what we have and reducing our waste will be passed on as important lessons to prevent our community from seeing another building and its use, in addition to a pit full of material goods, fall to the wasteside.

The legacy and history of the New Ruth School may be coming to an end now, but present and future students of White Pine County schools have an opportunity to use what has been left behind for the betterment of their education.