By Cozette Eldridge, 

RSVP Field Representative                                           

Happiness is usually expressed in three forms: pleasure, engagement and meaning. Understanding the keys to happiness is an important part of successful aging.         

In everyone’s life there are things that must get done. They may not bring a sense of happiness but contribute to the overall well-being of an individual. Like most activities, one person’s poison is another person’s dream. Paying bills, cleaning, doing laundry may be tasks for you, but a real joy for others. Cooking is a great example of a task that fills some with dread, but for some, cooking is almost a spiritual experience.                                                                                                             Pleasure creating happiness is based on momentary bodily senses. The sensory organs are hooked to the brain to receive a positive emotion from touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing, and bodily movements such as dancing. Contrary to our puritanical ancestors, pleasure is an integral part of our being. It feeds or senses, which not only entices our brain, but can sooth our heart and heal our spirit.                            

Engagement is a state of gratification that we enter when we feel completely engaged in what we’re doing. We experience enjoyment when we are challenged by a new activity that uses and stretches our talents. The key to this form of happiness is tapping into the unique activities that you personally find engaging. Each of us has our own unique abilities and characteristics that make certain challenges engaging to us. Gratification and happiness come from the joy of being able to express our identities in interesting activities and hobbies. Successful aging offers the opportunity to explore happiness in exciting and different ways. It allows you the time to explore activities, and hobbies that challenge and stimulate you physically, intellectually and spiritually. It also allows you the freedom to become useful in a whole new way. You can find meaning in being involved in your family, community, or even globally.                                                                                  Authentic happiness provides a new way of thinking about how we live life. It provides the keys to successful aging. 


SEPTEMBER 23 – SEPEMBER 27                                    

MON. Baked Chicken, Noodles, Garden Salad, Crackers, Fresh Orange                   

TUES. Roast Beef, Potatoes/Carrots/Onions, Peas, Fruit                                             

WED. Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Steamed Spinach, Bread, Mixed Fruit

THUR. Tilapia, Tartar Sauce, Coleslaw, Macaroni Salad, Vegetables, Fresh Fruit

FRI, Chicken Fajita, Spanish Rice, Ranch Beans, Orange Spinach Salad, Cake