KayLynn Roberts-McMurray
There has been a big graffiti and other vandalism problem in McGill im recent weeks.

The Ely Times

McGill has had several incidents of reported vandalism during the summer. First it was sprinkler systems being torn up, and severely damaged at the parks and now it has resorted to graffiti.  

Across the street from Rudy Herndon’s building he purchased late last year, is the Standard Market building. Vandals spray painted an entire side of the building.  And, although the building has been boarded up and closed down since the 80s, it’s still an iconic piece of McGill.   

“It is galling, and upsetting that there is no respect for private property,” Herndon said. “Vandalism is really concerning in the sense that it takes 10-15 seconds, for someone to mess things up things royally, it’s a nuisance.”

Herndon bought a house 13 years ago in McGill.  

“This feels like home to me,” he said, noting how he wants to see the downtown corridor in McGill come back to life, adding another tourist attraction to main street, and a place for locals to socialize. 

Herndon is focused on revitalizing the downtown core of McGill.  Herndon purchased the Odd Fellows building across the street from the Standard Market. Herndon explains that staying on top of these malicious acts is important, before it leads to blight and further deterioration. 

Windows of Herndon’s buildings had round holes in them on the north side of the building from what could be the result of vandalism as well.  

“The windows are extremely dated and I had planned on replacing them anyways,” he said. “But once something like that happens, left unattended, it opens the door for other vandals, if you don’t do something it’s going to contribute to more problems down the road.” 

It’s in the hopes that reporting the crime to the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office and being outspoken about it will create awareness to the community, and lead to the whereabouts of the vandals. Please contact the White Pine County Sheriff’s Office at 775-289-8801 if you have any information.