The Ely Times

Maria Bliss  appeared in court Monday, Sept. 23, for what would have been her sentencing on her charge of abuse and neglect of toddler, Alyahna Bliss,  a three and a half year old toddler  who died on Jan. 9 after reported blunt force trauma to her head, along with other injuries to her genetila and buttock area. 

District Court Judge Steven Dobrescu questioned District Attorney Mike Wheable and Public Defender Richard Sears if they were prepared to move forward.   

Wheable answered no, that the state was not.  “I’d like to put on the record, I’m looking at the plea agreement, the whole purpose on the entering plea as furthering conditions is that Ms. Bliss must testify truthfully in hearings, trials and any other court proceedings of her testimony in the prosecution of Colon Jackson,” he said.

 Wheable continued on, explaining that all parties can continue the sentencing until the prosecution of Jackson is resolved.  

Maria Bliss, the mother of Alyahna, was arrested on Jan. 9 when she was charged with abuse and neglect.   Bliss pled guilty earlier this year in April. 

Maria’s boyfriend, Jackson, was arrested on Aug. 23 for one count of murder of Alyahna Bliss. 

At Bliss’s hearing in April, a variance on the plea agreement was read aloud. The plea agreement outlined that Bliss could serve up to six years, but not less than one year.  

Also, in exchange for Bliss’s guilty plea, the state agreed to move to dismiss all of the charges, they would not file further charges arising on facts related to this incident and the state had recommended probation.  

The plea also stated that Bliss would be required to testify truthfully in the preliminary, trial, hearing and any other hearings requiring her testimony in Jackson’s prosecution.   

“Colon Jackson’s prosecution is just now commencing on the other side of the state so I’d ask the court for continuance until we find out what Ms. Bliss’s role will be in that prosecution.” Wheable said. 

Bliss’s counsel, Sears, agreed. 

Dobrescu said, “Do we know anything other than the fact he has been arrested?”

Wheable said, “No your honor, we will inquire and try to get in touch with them this afternoon.”  

Wheable suggested a status in the next couple of weeks so he could find out what was happening in Reno. 

Dobrescu expressed that he was not excited about waiting, but indicated he would give a continuance this time, and stressed that he wanted Wheable and Sears to report back to him within two weeks.

“I want Mr. Wheable to have the information of where they are with the case, provide it to Mr. Sears, so we can pick a date that we can put back on calendar. If they are not having a hearing for six months, I’m not going to wait, I don’t care, we need to wrap this case up. I am not going to wait forever on this,” Dobrescu said.