To the Editor:

Shame, SHAME, SHAME on your elected city officials! We have been in your town a little over two weeks and have loved the atmosphere, activities, people–until now.  It’s 2020 and your all-male council just blew it–just when you think the era of “good ole boys” is gone.  You do know this will hit national news, right??? Wake up! We have visited and toured many of your local places that are successfully run–by women who are also mothers:  coffee shop, library, Ridley’s, mine, school principals, community college churches, restaurants, ranches, medical professions and EMT’s, and so many community volunteer events.  Does the council think their wives, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, colleagues are proud of their action?  Think again.  Better yet–ASK them.  Did you reveal this platform to constituents when they ran for office? Although another town we visited embraces being called the armpit of America, I don’t think you want to embrace this.  We don’t live here, we are only aware because we listen and observe wherever we go because we want to learn about rural America.  But, I can’t keep quiet about this.  Correct your error….fix this if you can, you community’s reputation deserves it.  I’m no spring chicken, but even I know wrong is wrong.  If the man selected now rescinds his application and you appoint Mrs.  Beecher, play nice—rest assured, the eyes of rural America will be on you.

Hebne & Buddy Hanton

Albuquerque, New Mexico