By Sheriff Scott Henriod

Emergency notifications are an essential part of keeping our community safe. When it comes to sending those notifications out, the Sheriff’s Office uses a system called Code Red. This system allows the Sheriff’s Office to record an emergency message and to send it out to all county and city residents. This message is sent through land line and cellular phones. With new individuals moving into Ely and into the county, or if you have just forgotten to do it, or you’ve changed your phone number, I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know about this service. 

There are several ways to sign up to receive these notifications. One, you can go directly  to the county web page at look for the link that says Code Red, click on it and fill in the information that is requested. Another way to register is a new function that has just become available on the system.  You can just send a text to 99411 and type in WPAlerts to get registered. 

Thankfully the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t use the Code Red system very often, but when we do you will know that the information that is being sent is very important to receive. So take a few moments out of your day and make sure you get registered.